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People often debate on which type of dragon is the best. Some say that the fire breathing dragons are the strongest, while others claim that the water dwelling dragons are more powerful. Today we will take a look at some of the qualities that make each dragon type unique and hopefully this will help you choose which one is right for you!

Most powerful and majestic creatures in all of Pokemon

Dragons are perhaps one of the most powerful and majestic creatures in all of pokemon. They have a variety of abilities that make them a force to be feared in battle. However, each type of dragon has their own unique qualities that separate them from the rest.

Large Wings

One of the first things that are noticed about dragons are their large wings. These wings have often been said to be able to create storms and strong winds. This quality makes it hard for them to fly in rainy conditions, however they can overcome this by using their powerful claws or fire breath. They also tend to be rather agile fliers due to their large wings and light bodies.

Tough Creatures

Dragons are very tough creatures and can take a lot of punishment before they fall. This is due to the fact that many of them have steel like hides which allows them to shrug off even the most powerful attacks. However, dragons also tend to be rather heavy creatures with large builds, which makes it hard for them to be agile on the ground. This makes it especially hard for them to dodge attacks and to chase down faster foes like Latios and Garchomp!

Fire Dragons

Fire dragons tend to live in volcanic regions and are drawn towards magma or heat. These dragons have very rocky bodies which gives them a lot of defense against physical attacks and can sometimes even reflect them. They also have a lot of power in their physical blows, with claws that are said to be able to leave craters when they strike the ground. They also have large wings which allow them to fly despite having poor mobility on land due to their large bodies. In addition, fire dragons tend to be very hot creatures with very warm bodies. This allows them to heat areas around them, making hostile environments more tolerable for themselves. They also have the ability of producing large amounts of flames from their mouths which they use to incinerate foes or melt rocks that are in their way.

Water Dragons

Dragons that live near water often tend to be rather sleek in appearance. This is because water dragons have large, hydrodynamic bodies which allow them to have speed and agility on the ground despite being rather heavy creatures. They also have excellent swimming abilities due to their large fins and webbed feet which they use to propel themselves through the water with great speed. As for attacks, they tend to prefer to use water and ice type moves. They can also produce even larger amounts of water from their mouths than fire dragons, which allows them to put out fires and flood large areas. Furthermore, they often have the ability to control weather and create storms.

Thunder Dragons

These dragons are known for having unusually lighter blue colored scales than other types of dragons. They are often the fastest types of dragons and can produce lighting fast speeds that even other dragons cannot compare with. Although they tend to be very light creatures, due to their lack of physical strength, it is best to not underestimate them as they often have powerful thunder type attacks which make up for their lack of power in physical combat.

Where to find dragon type Pokemon go

The best place to find Dragon type Pokémon in Pokémon GO is in the mountains.


There you have it, the many differences that separate each type of dragon. Each has their own unique qualities and special abilities that set them apart. While certainly not the only dragons out there, certainly these types are among the most powerful in all of Pokemon.




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